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When Is Too Young, Really Too Young??

Posted by Chagné Compaan on September 23, 2019 at 1:55 AM

Written by Marthie Breytenbach

Musicanta Minor - Music Education For The Young Mind

When asked what a good time was to start teaching music to a child, Zoltan Kodály answered that it should be nine months before the birth of the mother. What is the essence of this statement? All individuals should get the opportunity of music education at the earliest possible stage. Babies can already hear from 3 months before birth.

Howard Gardner’s theory of multiple intelligences states that every person has multiple intelligences namely:

• Visual-aesthetic
• Bodily-kinaesthetic
• Musical
• Intrapersonal
• Interpersonal
• Linguistic
• Logical-Mathematical and
• Naturalistic.

Different individuals have different dominant intelligences but to develop a balanced person all intelligences should be stimulated. Through music education we have the opportunity to do just that from the earliest stage. Here is another great blog on early music education:

It is a great privilege to teach at Musicanta where it is one of our main aims to help develop well-rounded individuals. The ‘Musicanta Minor’-program is something that I am very passionate about. We have been developing this music education program especially for pre-schoolers. It gives the little ones the chance to grow their love for music while being taught the basic principles. Most importantly we get to stimulate the development of the whole child. All of this happens by having fun.

Another quote from Zoltan Kodály states that “Every music lesson should be built in such a way that the pupil does not get tired but senses the growth of his strength and looks forward to the next lesson with impatience. A well-conducted lesson is not a burden but a recreation; the source of joy and cheer.” A typical Musicanta Minor lesson consists of multi-sensory stimuli:

• Physiological
• Intellectual
• Spiritual
• Visual and
• Aural.

It needs to be prepared with the finest skill and knowledge. We move and dance, learn new and interesting things, discover ourselves and find our place in the context of the group, see and listen as well as create music.

If you are still wondering if your baby or toddler is too young to start with music education. The answer is plain and simple - NO.

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